Settlement of building expenses

Our solution provides simple, transparent billing of individual heating and water consumption.

How does this work?

Our intelligent gateway remotely collects meter readings installed by heating and sanitary professionals.

Every consumer can track his or her heating, hot water and cold water consumption using our application.

The owner downloads consumption data or uses our own tool to allocate charges and generate individual statements.

app Heat and water

Heating and water bill

Unlike electricity, heating and water consumption is not billed directly to building residents.

In fact, individual meters are used to distribute building charges fairly, in accordance with the official recommendations of the DIFEE/VEWA regulation.

The owner or condominium administrator collects deposits from residents, then generates individual service charge statements.

To do so, they can download consumption data from our portal or use our service charge statement generation tool.

Tool for generating expense statements


Individual metering

The system measures heating and water consumption for each resident.

Load integration

The owner inserts the building's utility bills.


Amounts are allocated on the basis of meter readings.


The owner downloads individual statements for each resident in PDF format.


How are the meters read?

The heating and water meters are equipped with the standard, open Mbus protocol, which enables the Climkit gateway to read them remotely on a daily basis. This means that each resident can monitor changes in consumption and easily determine consumption when relocating.

What can be included in building charges?

Building service charges can include all heating charges as well as certain so-called ancillary charges. Everything included in the service charges must be explicitly mentioned in the lease contract.

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Can Climkit bill heating and water consumption directly?

Within the framework of rental buildings subject to the legislation on rental leases or condominiums, Climkit never invoices the actual thermal energy and water consumption.

However, in certain special cases, Climkit may invoice thermal energy and water consumption, for example in campsites or in the case of an energy supply contract with a district heating system.

Can individual heating and water meters be installed in older buildings?

Individual heating or water meters cannot be installed in older buildings because the heating distribution pipes are not dedicated to each flat, making individual metering impossible. In addition, the performance of old insulation means that consumption has to be adjusted according to the exposure and position of each flat.

Do I need to have individual meters to benefit from Heating services?

Individual meters are not compulsory. You can use the Climkit service charge statement generation tool and use allocation keys based on the surface areas of the flats.

When and how are service charge statements generated?

The service charge statements are generated by the owner or his management company every year from January to December or from July to June.

To do this, the owner can download the consumption data from the Climkit portal and use his own porgamme or use the Climkit load statement generation tool, also accessible from the online portal.

How are heating and water billed in a block of flats?

The owner or administrator of the condominium collects monthly instalments from the residents, and then generates annual individual service charge statements to apportion the costs of heating and water supplies.

Thanks to the installation of individual heating and water meters, costs are apportioned in proportion to consumption and in accordance with the official recommendations of the Individual Statement of Charges.

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