Charging station for e-bikes

Electric bikes and scooters can be recharged in the building's parking lot with a simple badge.

How does this work?

Several electrical outlets in the bike room are controlled by a badge reader.

Residents plug in their bike, identify themselves with the badge and select the socket to activate.

Climkit invoices users quarterly according to their actual electricity consumption.


Modular installation

A badge reader with a numerical keypad installed in the building's bike room controls activation of the sockets to which the bikes are connected.

A meter installed in each socket measures the duration of use and, above all, the electricity consumed to charge the two-wheelers.

The system can be installed in both new and existing buildings.

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Use and billing

To recharge his bike, the user identifies himself with his badge. Climkit then associates the electricity used for recharging.

The owner defines a usage tariff measured in kWh that covers electricity costs and any depreciation of the installation.

Users are billed quarterly and receive their bill by e-mail, post or e-Bill. They track their consumption via the Climkit app.

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