Optimization of self-consumption

Reduce the consumption of buildings and make them more efficient through energy management algorithms.


How does this work?

Climkit Optimisation increases the rate of self-consumption by switching on some appliances according to the excess photovoltaic production.

It can be used to connect water heaters heaters heat pumps electric vehicles pool pumps etc.

You can store your solar energy without having to buy a battery and gain autonomy.

Online app

Quickly adjust device settings via theonline app.

For example set your water heater to recharge with solar energy during the day and also turn on at night at a low rate if the solar production has not been sufficient during the day.

You can also check the performance of your installation and the evolution of your consumption.


Ride on solar energy

Climkit Optimisation dynamically pilots your electrical outlet according to the excess of solar energy produced.

This way you recharge your vehicle exclusively with solar energy and increase your self-consumption rate.

A switch on the top of the electrical outlet allows you to switch to quick charge mode immediately.

The load power can be regulated between 1.4 and 22kW depending on the connection and the available amperage.


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