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Connection and operation
Climkit Gateway

4G Router

RS485-Ethernet Converter

Three-phase direct MID electricity meter

AC Charging Station 22 kW - RFID - MID

EV charging cable Type 2 -22 kW - 5m

DIN POE Switch 10 ports + 2 SFP ports

LAN Router 4 ports + 1 WAN

Wi-Fi Access Point

Controller for Wi-Fi access points

MBus-RS485 Converter - 60 meters

MBus-RS485 Converter - 200 meters

Three-phase relay meter

RFID Reader

RFID Reader with Numeric Keypad

Wi-Fi Single-phase Relay Meter 16A

Outdoor 4G Antenna IP65 - 3m

Prolunga antenna 4G - 5m

4G Antenna Extension - 10m

T-Box for electricity meter

MID indirect three-phase electricity meter

CT 100/5A

CT 200/5A

CT 400/5A

CT 600/5A

CT 800/5A

CT 1000/5A

CT 1500/5A

CT 2000/5A

Heating meter DN15 G 3/4

Heating meter DN 20 G 1''

Heating meter DN 32 G 3/2

Water meter DN 15 G 3/4''

Water meter DN 20 G 1''

Built-in water meter

RFID badge

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