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Improve the energy efficiency of your building

Climkit measures, optimizes and invoices all the energy consumptions of the inhabitants of a building such as electricity, heating, water and the use of charging stations.

climkit gateway

Metering - Billing - Monitoring - Optimization

Climkit intelligent gateway controls meters, charging stations, control relays and RFID readers.

All data are transmitted to our online portal, from which resident statements and invoices are generated.

With our online and mobile application, users can track their consumption and pay their bills.

Billing and invoicing

Climkit receives real-time data from meters and charging stations.

  • An individual consumption statement is issued at regular intervals.
  • For electricity, vehicle recharging and laundry use, Climkit can manage billing and payments.

In this way each resident receives a single bill for all his or her consumption. Climkit also pays the local electricity supplier and the landlord.

Prices and details of services

Visualization and monitoring

All of the building's energy data is available on the web portal as well as on our online app. Owners and consumers have personalized access depending on the type of solution or service chosen.

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The owner or administrator:

  • Monitors the operation of the photovoltaic system and consumption trends.
  • Receives alerts in the event of a problem.
  • Tracks payment status and downloads consumption data (via CSV and API).

The consumer:

  • Distinguishes its solar electricity consumption from that of the grid and visualizes its heating and water consumption.
  • Can look up invoice history at any time.
  • Tracks energy consumption when charging the electric car.


Our energy management algorithms make buildings more autonomous while limiting investment costs.

In order to optimize self-consumption, the system switches on certain appliances (heating, electric vehicle, pool pump, etc.) depending on the excess photovoltaic production.

Our system automatically and instantly adjusts the power of the charging stations in the parking lot in order to reduce the charging time without ever exceeding the building's connection power.

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