Quality control of energy

Ensure the optimal use of the energy generated and consumed through data analysis.


How does this work?

Modern buildings are equipped with complex installations: solar panels, charging stations, etc. A monitoring system is therefore essential to ensure the proper functioning of devices and the optimization of consumption.

Thanks to this decision-making tool, owners can ensure that the installations are working properly and residents can monitor their consumption to adapt their behavior and reduce their electricity, heating and water bills.

We support energy monitoring by providing a certified system Minergie which allows to compare the estimated and measured data. The latter are available on our online platform and mobile app.


The advantages of our system for:

The owner or administrator:

  • Compatibility with Switzerland's climate objectives.
  • Possibility to see the correct functioning of the installations directly on the online platform or the mobile app.
  • Decision-making tool in case of malfunctions or setting problems.
  • Better attractiveness of the property.

The consumer:

  • Reduction of the climate impact.
  • Possibility to follow your consumption directly on the online platform or the mobile app.
  • Possibility of adapting one's consumption and thus reducing one's electricity, heating and water bills.

A concrete example

In 2019 a single-family house with two Minergie-certified apartments was built in Vevey (VD). With an energy reference area of 221 m2 and a photovoltaic system producing 7'300 kWh of energy per year, the building has a self-consumption rate of 20%.

We offer a monitoring solution that analyzes the following points

  • Solar energy produced by solar panels
  • Thee total electricity consumption
  • The hot water consumption
  • The energy requirement for the heat pump
  • The heat used by the heating

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